Histocats: When Cats Hide in Histological Specimens

I hate to admit that I’m a sucker for funny cat videos/photos. I also happen to love teaching histology, and have been doing so for the past week in Anatomy and Physiology class. I never would have thought that these two interests could be combined, but thanks to the iHeartHisto website, the unlikely merger of cats and histology has been accomplished!

First, the Cheshire cat in a cross section of the appendix (image source):

Next, a cat face found in the fibrocartilage of an intervertebral disc, love those lacuna + chondrocyte eyes! (image source):

A macrophage playing cat and mouse (image source):

This one is the cat’s meow (in the cervix; image source):

And finally, my personal favorite. A cat with a hair follicle for an arm, and sebaceous gland toes! (image source):

For more histology fun, be sure to check out iHeartHisto.com!

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