Attendance Roster and Grading Spreadsheets in Google Sheets

Google Sheets classroom attendance rosterI’ve wasted far too much time trying to format attendance and grading rosters “just right” in Google Sheets (I’m a bit of a perfectionist!), so I thought I’d share links to blank versions of each in case anyone out there wants to use them as a template.

You can click on the links below, which will open each file in Google Sheets. Once open, click on the ‘File” drop-down menu and click ‘Make a Copy’. This should add a copy of the document to your Google Drive which you can move around and modify as you please. Easy!

With each spreadsheet you can add rows at the bottom for a larger class, and on the attendance sheet you can change the dates at the top for a new four-week stretch. You can also right click on the tab at the bottom to duplicate the spreadsheet for multiple sections. For the grading sheet I leave the top of each column header blank and write in the assignments by hand.


Google Sheets Attendance Roster

Google Sheets Grading Spreadheet

I have also now made a digital lesson planner in Google Sheets (click to access).

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