Teaching Tool: Digital Lesson Planner in Google Sheets

imageOver the past few years I’ve pretty much converted all of my teaching materials into Google Docs/Sheets/Slides. I also tend to prefer digital record keeping rather than paper – for example, I  no longer use a traditional planner for writing out my lesson plans book. Instead, I created a plan book in Google Sheets, which allows me to have easy access from any computer, and is easily modifiable without having to erase anything.

My school uses an unusual rotating daily bell schedule, but I thought I’d make equivalent versions for some of the more popular bell schedules and share them here. Click on the links below to access each View-Only version in Google Slides – you can then click File —-> Make a Copy… to make a duplicate that you can modify yourself. On each spreadsheet you can right click on the Week 1 tab at the bottom and create a duplicate page for each week.

If there are any common schedules that I have missed, leave a comment and I’ll try to make one and post it here.

Hope these are helpful!

Planner 1 – Four Block Schedule

Planner 2 – 8 Period Schedule

Planner 3 – Four Block A/B Schedule

Planner 4 – Four Block, Four Day Schedule with One 8 Period Day

I also have a Google Sheets attendance roster and gradebook, click here to access these.

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