How does a cheetah run so fast?

On e of the joys of teaching a zoology class is that there are so many amazing stories to tell about how different animals are uniquely adapted to their lifestyle/environment. One such story is about why the cheetah so fast. Their springy, springy spine, and leg muscles dominated by fast twitch fibers (among other things) […]

Science Song: A Musical Memorial for Lonesome George

I was showing a video about the Gal├ípagos Islands to my Zoology class yesterday, and during a segment on the giant tortoises a student asked me the name of the tortoise that died that was the last of his species on one of the islands. I hadn’t heard about this particular tortoise, so I did […]

The Sponge Song: An Ode to the Porifera

In an effort to make sponges more interesting for my students (a challenge for sure!), I came across this fine song by Jake Shields. Enjoy!

Jaguar Sneak Attack on a Basking Caiman

Amazing video from the PBS series The Story of Cats – a jaguar swims to sneak up on and attack a caiman in Brazil’s Pantanal. Watch below:

Have you ever heard a bullfrog scream?

One of the most memorable experiences I had as a teacher intern last spring was an ecology class field trip to a vernal pool near my home. The kids were fully engaged, and several of the boys were determined to catch as many frogs as they could. One of the frogs that was scooped up […]

Beaked whales and purple disco balls: New and unusual species discovered in our oceans.

I never cease to be amazed by the fact that we are still finding new creatures on this planet. In the past week I’ve read two stories on about discoveries of animals that appear to be new to science. What’s particularly cool is that these animals couldn’t be more different, and we’re still not […]