The Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle

This plant…will kill you. 

Beaked whales and purple disco balls: New and unusual species discovered in our oceans.

I never cease to be amazed by the fact that we are still finding new creatures on this planet. In the past week I’ve read two stories on about discoveries of animals that appear to be new to science. What’s particularly cool is that these animals couldn’t be more different, and we’re still not […]

Histocats: When Cats Hide in Histological Specimens

I hate to admit that I’m a sucker for funny cat videos/photos. I also happen to love teaching histology, and have been doing so for the past week in Anatomy and Physiology class. I never would have thought that these two interests could be combined, but thanks to the iHeartHisto website, the unlikely merger of […]

Inspiration For the Color Scheme On This Blog Came From…

A running shoe. Naturally.